About CVS Ferrari

CVS Ferrari SrL  operates near Milan, in Italy and manufactures the most complete range of container handling equipment.
CVS began its operation in 1973 in Roveleto di Cadeo (Pc), located in the northern part of Italy.

Initially specialized in the production of crane-carriers, CVS obtained an important contract with the company Sumitomo in Japan for the construction and supply of 5, 6, 7- axle crane-carriers. For Sumitomo alone CVS supplied 350 crane-carriers and has another 1500 machines operating all over the world.

In 1984 CVS diversified its production range designing, manufacturing and selling Container Handling Equipment. CVS Ferrari now manufactures the most complete range of Container Handling Equipment both for standard requirements and the most special Customers’ specification.

CVS Ferrari can offer a comprehensive selection of standard as well as specially designed Container Handling Equipment including: Fork Lift Trucks, Reach Stackers, FYT, RO-RO Tractors, Runner and Straddle Carriers, all available with optional features suitable to meet all Customers’ needs.

The exclusive reliability of CVS Ferrari production is the result of first class production facilities. Only the highest standard of steel materials and the most reliable components are used. Every single item is controlled before assembling. Robot welding equipment is largely used to avoid any possible error. Complete automatic painting system, pre-assembling lines and final assembling are used to obtain an absolutely exclusive product.

Today the organization of CVS Ferrari is based on the following:

Production facilities responsible for the manufacturing of main components like:
- Steel structures
- Spreaders
- Hydraulic cylinders
- Cabins
- Electrical/electronic hardware
- Software for equipment management and control
- Heavy machinery and light machinery of main components
- Assembly plant
- Integrated quality control department

CVS Ferrari is able to offer assistance services, manpower, overhaul to support all Ferrari equipment and provide essential training to the Customers worldwide.